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mtel care
remote support services

mtel care provides affordable post warranty remote support to our customers or any company that needs it.   

We offer two options:

Monthly Support: $49.99 per month includes unlimited telephone support, no term contract, may cancel at any time.

Pay As You Go (PAYG) Support: $29.99 per call. You’ll be charged each time you call in and request support. This is will be a 'per incident' charge.

Adding, Deleting, or Modifying Users/Extensions

New hires are built in the system, added to the company directory, voicemail is setup with desired features such as notification, voicemail to email, off-site transfer.  Departed staff removed from the system, their profiles, messages, and greetings deleted.  Mailbox is either defaulted for a new user or disabled until needed.

Programming Features

Buttons programmed on the user’s telephone allowing for more efficient use.  Examples

Include: one-touch voicemail access, speed dials to other users, in-use indication, paging, forward, or privacy.

Voicemail Auto Attendant

Assistance with recording main greetings, holiday/storm greetings, menu choices, dial by name directory, general mailboxes, time, and schedule changes.

Service Provider Troubleshooting and Interaction

If the troubleshooting performed during your support call is related to an outside service provider failure, we will open a trouble ticket with them on your behalf providing them with the necessary information, in their technical lingo, needed to expedite repair of your service.  We can be the primary or secondary point of contact for updates that they provide during the repair process.

For more information on mtel care,
or to enroll:

781-762-8800 Option 5